Be lean, be clean, be green

Alumno is conscious of the impact that buildings have on the environment and this is something it wants to minimise. The team has considered the use of Low or Zero Carbon technologies from the initial stages of the design process.

The design team’s approach to the development is: Be lean, be clean, be green


  • Water conservation
  • High building insulation levels and high air tightness
  • 100% of timber will be FSC accredited
  • Sourcing of local materials where possible
  • Sourcing of materials from recycled or re-used sources
  • Solar shading to large areas of glazing
  • Water efficient sanitary systems to promote lower water consumption
  • Low energy white goods
  • Extensive off-site fabrication to reduce wastage – greater production efficiency
  • Potential connection to local off site energy centre to provide heat source for space heating and hot water and to maximise decentralised energy provision within London

Access and Getting Around

The approach to access for this site is highly sustainable, considerate to its neighbours and disability compliant. Disabled-only car parking means that more sustainable transport modes are encouraged including walking and cycling, and use of public transport.

As part of Alumno’s commitment to green travel, the development will also now include a ‘Brompton Dock’, a fold-away cycle hire station. This is being delivered in partnership with the cycle hire scheme which is expanding rapidly across the UK and is committed to providing an efficient, flexible, healthy and environmentally friendly solution to travel for the future.

Key Features of the Access Strategy are:

  • No car parking spaces for any users of the development (except disabled on Jupp Road)
  • Focus on public transport – easy access to Stratford Transport Interchange on the Central and Jubilee lines, DLR and London Overground plus seven bus routes along the High Street
  • Encouraged use of bicycles:
    • Inclusion of ‘Brompton Dock’, cycle hire station
    • a new Barclays Cycle Superhighway is planned along the High Street
    • 150 bicycle storage spaces on site (1 space per 3 rooms)
  • On-street servicing using loading bays on Park Lane – which has low traffic flows
  • Use of Park Lane for all other vehicular access (including basement access)

A Transport Statement and Travel Plan will be prepared as part of the planning application.