MJP Architects have worked hard to design a modern building that will bring life and vibrancy to the local area.  This includes:

  • 445 student bedrooms and facilities – arranged in a mix of clusters and sizes
  • 19 artists’ studio spaces
  • Just under 1,500 sq ft cafe space
  • 26 storey development

Why this design?

A range of options for building form, position and design have been considered by MJP Architects. This was to ensure Alumno could present the best possible and most attractive design solution, not just for the needs of its future educational institution students but also for the needs of its Stratford High Street neighbours.

The approach to design has taken on the following factors:


  • Existing planning consent on the site for a 26 storey building
  • Row of existing tall and rectangular buildings along the High Street
  • Opportunity to create a landmark building as a counterpoint to the existing buildings in the area and mark the important road junction


Proposed development at 206-214 Stratford High Street

Proposed development at 206-214 Stratford High Street


  • Internal space requirements and the need to create student room ‘clusters’
  • Need to reduce overlooking into hotel rooms on either side
  • Need to reduce over-shadowing of neighbouring land to the north-west


  • Desire to create more space at street level – to break up the wall of buildings on the High Street
  • Opportunity to create activity and interest on the ground floor with glazing and entrances to different uses
  • Need for robust, durable materials that provide good insulation – primary material is engineering brick
  • Need for strong, clutter free but elegant hard landscaping around the building
Proposed development: upper floors

Proposed development: upper floors